AMD Phenom II X6 1090T

Ok so heres the thing, i recently got the new AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2GHz CPU, i am going to buy the Motherboard and RAM withing the next day or so and thinking of these

Asus motherboard M4A89TD PRO AMD AM3 DDR3 ATX


G-Skill 4GB Trident DDR3 PC16000-2000Mhz Cas9 Kit

The CPU as this "Turbo mode" thing going on where if 3 or more cores are idle then it will kick them up by 500mhz blah blah blah to 3.6GHZ.

How does this work if i wanted to OC more? to say... 4GHz ALL THE TIME? Or isnt this possible on these chips? Would i have to OC to 3.6GHz and the turbo would make it 4.0GHz?

Another question i have is with the 2000MHz speed. If i was to use the RAM at 2000MHz what do YOU think the best FSB settings would be? I was with Intel before and i know the FSB is different in AMDs as they can have a much higher Multiplier?

All in all my NEW setup would be

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
Asus motherboard M4A89TD PRO AMD AM3 DDR3 ATX
G-Skill 4GB Trident DDR3 PC16000-2000Mhz Cas9 Kit
XFX 1GB 4890 XXX Edition
Corsair H50 Hydro CPU cooler
Corsair 750W HX Modular PSU

I will just say i know AMD had away with the FSB and the 1:1 ratio was intel only i believe? And they got rid of that in the i5 and i7's?

Am i best just letting it stay at 3.2GHz and then 3.6GHz turbo.

This will also be used for gaming and watching blurays also general browsing and photoshop.

Thank you i hpe you can answer, isnt much a problem more of a question really. :)
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  1. nobody?
  2. change your cpu to amd 1055t because it's overclock same 1090t both reach to 4-4.2.and you have a good cooler but if your case has lot sapce buy noctua nh-d14.for more review of noctua:
    noctua is 89$ and corsair with push and pull is about 110$.
    and your graphic card buy 5830 or 5850 because 4xxx series don't support directX11. if you want better overclocking buy corsair xms 1600mhz cas 7.
    and your main bord is good but if you use more than 2cf buy
    corsshair iv formula if not it's good mainbord.
    this is my idea.
  3. Thanx but like i said i already got the CPU.

    The graphics card i can and will change later, am only asking about the OC and how the mb,ram and cpu will work.

    again i already have the H50 so i wont be getting another untill i try this.

    Case Antec 900

    I will never use more than 2CF, (2 crossfire?) When i get a 5870 thats all i will be getting lol.

    All i need to know really is when its all together..... 1090T, M4A89TD, G-Skill DDR3 PC16000-2000Mhz will the ram run at 2000mhz (1000mhz) in dual-channel right out of the box or will i need to OC it to 2000mhz (1000mhz) and if so, what setup would you use?

    Thanx mate.

    Oh btw is the Push n pull where on the outside rear you have a fan intake > then inside the case the radiator < Fan outtake?

    so like

  4. Oh and maybe stupid but isnt the ram you listed for i7 systems?

    Corsair Memory 6GB DDR3, 1600MHz Core I7 C7
    * Triple channel
    * Non ECC unbuffered
    * Matched XMS3 with XMS heat spreader
    * Support X58 (i7 Core) Intel chipset motherboard

    PLus its close to £200 and Way more than i need to pay lol
  5. sorry!!!it's no problem 1090 overclocks easy.
    no it's's a dual channel memory.see here:
    yes it run.but for overclocking you must first overclock cpu and then overclock ram.put down ram frequency and overclock cpu check stability then go for ram and come it up and change ram timing and check stability.
    it is a common work than everyone do for overclocking!!
    there is many ways to overclock a should test that way and see what has best result.
    the best way for this,is you look at the site like toms and guru3d and...they did this and reached satble clock for ram and cpu and it tested by them.
    here information:,review-31918.html
    and now you can overclock your cpu easily just read one of them and do what they have done it.i suggest go for toms.if you look at all of them you see they overclocked at diffrent ways.
  6. to actually answer your question...

    generally, if you are going for a fairly high overclock you will want to turn the turbo feature off. this can be easily done in the BIOS.
  7. yes ,welshmousepk was right.but if you want overclock cpu for gaming it has not noticeable difference with when you're playing with stock clock.
  8. Ahh excellent :) Its good to know it can be disabled.

    Can anyone tell me if when i get these 3 parts running if the ram will run at 2000mhz dual-channel on stock? I.E

    CPU @ 3.2GHz/3.6GHz Turbo & 2000mhz Dual DDR3 Ram << Stock

    :) Thanx.
  9. Its not that am asking to just OC the CPU its that am wondering if the RAM will be at 2000mhz at the stock CPU speeds mate. If it only runs at say 1600mhz for example, then i will need to start OCing, thats why am asking if 1, it will run at 2000mhz out of the box and 2, if i do need to OC both ram and cpu if the turbo can be disabled (which i know now i can) :)
  10. yes it can run at 2000mhz.but you should go in bios and change it from auto to 2000mhz.
  11. I have 1055T overclocked to 4.0 Ghz 100% of the time

    You need to raise the voltage for the CPU/NB voltage
    and also raise the voltage for the CPU Vcore

    I can give you the exact numbers if you need

    the CPU Vcore is set to 1.44V

    Turbo works and is nice, but to be honest I really need the extra speed when all 6 cores are working

    C1E and Cool N quiet work great, but will make your overclocking extremelly unstalbe. You won't be able to overclock as much, but you will save some cash in the electric bill (I suppose, I still haven't confirmed this theory)

    I wonder what is better
    1) 4.0Ghz all the time
    2) less speed, but a more efficient machine

    I am not even 100% sure if an overclocked stable machine is even possible with C1E and Cool N Quiet

    I am still trying to find that out
  12. You also need to DOWNCLOCK the RAM and DOWNCLOCK the NB and HT

    If you want to reach 4.4Ghz

    downclock RAM to 70% of the speed. My ram is 1333Mhz and I am running it at around 1000Mhz

    downclock the NB to 1400Mhz

    downclock the HT to 1400Mhz

    disable turbo, C1E and Cool N Quiet

    Enjoy 4.4Ghz stable 100% of the time

    don't mess with RAM timings, no need for that

    Let me know if you were lucky, I really want to buy that CPU sometime
  13. Thanx rafa but i dont understand what settings your giving me lol.

    1st you said 4.0GHZ stable all the time, sounds great but are you on extreme water cooling?

    Then you say 4.4GHz and give the settings, are them the settings for your 4.0GHz OC too?

    I would love to hit 4.0GHz with the H50 :)

    BTW guys i changed my mind on the ram, i had alook at the motherboards RAM support list and that ram i was going to get isnt even listed :S

    so i have gone for these..

    Corsair XMS3 Dominator DDR3 PC312800(1600), CAS 8-8-8-24, DHX, DF, BEMP,1.65V

    These are 4DIMM Dual supported for my MB.

    I also gone for anew case....

    But with the windowed side panel.

    Thanx guys.
  14. Don't worry about the supported RAM list the manufacturers only ever test a small handful but the corsair you selected looks good. If you want a cheap case I have this one and its fine just make sure you buy 4 120mm fans
  15. rafa, please do not ever do that again!

    pelase learn how overclocking works. every chip is different, and what works for you could toast someone elses CPU!

    I'm not a mod, but really, you have done something very bad here. i hope the OP doesn't just going entering those settings into his BIOS...

    OP, ignore that poster. he has no idea what overclocking does, or the possible dangers.

    overclocking needs to be done one step at a time, with thorough stress testing and temperature monitoring.
  16. Thanx for the help guys :) when i get this running i will test it without any OC with the Corsair ram. Then i will do little OCs at a time to see how stable it is in prime. Hoping the H50 and new case would be enough cooling :)

    Can anyone recomend me some really really silent fans please lol. I need 1 80x15x15 for the back MOBO tray.

    Also need 2 120mm Fans for the bottom and side. Any thats great and silent :) but black, must be black lol. LED no, enough LEDS already lol. :):)
  17. GRRRRR WHY CANT I EDIT?!?! Anyhow i made a mistake lol, i need

    2x 80x15x15mm Fans (MOBO & GFX Bracket)
    1x 120mm Fan (Bottom)

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