Does a full size video card fit in a micro atx

i brought this case and i for that that i was buying a full size video card

this is the video card i brought HIS Hightech H467QT512P Radeon HD 4670 IceQ Turbo 512MB
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  1. I'd be more worried about it being able to power it, and no I think it only takes low profile gfx cards.
  2. only using it as a dual monitor work station
  3. Based on the pictures it looks like a full-size card will fit. And that power supply should be able to run the 4670, but no guarantees.
  4. i put everything on
    and the recommend came out to be 280w
    if i run it at 250w psu will it be enough?
  5. The card will fit, although I wouldn't use that power supply in my rigs.
  6. obelisk282 said:
    i put everything on
    and the recommend came out to be 280w
    if i run it at 250w psu will it be enough?

    Why would you even consider a 250w PSU if the calculator says 280w? Are you intentionally trying to crash your own system? Spring for a 300w, geez.
  7. well any one recommend me a small micro atx case that will fit the card please
  8. I don't know what your components are, but I run a Sapphire 4670, an X2 5200+, and all the other standard components (1 HDD, 1 optical drive) off of a Shuttle 250W power supply. Shuttle builds quality power supplies though. I have no experience with that Athena company.
  9. oh i only need 203w i make a mistake and put dual socket
  10. it's also a rule that with psu calc's you add 50-100w on due to percentage you actually get, and you'd need that PSU to have a minimum of 81% efficiency to power your PC.
  11. Adding 50-100W on seems excessive in this case. That calculator was pretty specific too ... my calculations came out to something like 215W under full load. With your rule of thumb the power supply I use everyday would be insufficient.
  12. I don't think that card's full size, but it will most likely fit quite tightly, just read the measurements. Why would you want that case, anyways? It's got 0 got reviews, and there's no 24pin ATX, just a 20pin, or so a reviewer has commented. It's like buying a GTX295 and Pentium 4.... If you live in Canada, has a good micro atx case for around $40 CAN and a 400w psu, free pick up in-store guarantees not DOA.

    If you don't live in Canada, :kaola:
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