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Checking to make sure build is ok

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January 23, 2009 3:08:50 PM

My old Asus AN8 32X mobo crapped out but it gave me an excuse to build a totally updated comp so you guys get to help me spend my money!!

I'll use the comp for gaming and editing big digital photos with photoshop but I hope to keep around some parts from the last build (not likely). My budget is about 1k without a monitor, hard drive, or OS. I would have liked to keep the case but I suspect my current one isn't great for circulation because the old temps weren't very stable (an older cooler master with 120mm fan in the back, a hole in the side, and an exhaust vent for the CPU fan).

Here's what I was thinking:

Processor: Q9550 $282.99

MOBO: GA-EP45-UD3P $133.99

RAM: OCZ 2x2Gb DDR2 1066 $65.99

VCard: Radeon HD4870 $284.99

PSU: PCP&C 750W $129.99!! (-$40 MIR)!!!

Stuck on this, would like recommendations for cases around or less than 100$ that can circulate air and cool efficiently. Someone commented on the size of the PSU so knowing that there won't be problems in accommodating that would be nice. Actually heat sink + fan recommendations would be helpful too but I can find a thread on that.

Total without case: $898

Other comments and considerations:
On the processor, figured the quad core would be good for the photo editing and some measure of future-proof-ness. On the mobo, don't really think that's the best option for what I want to do and would like input on it, would be nice to be able to get the second 4870 later and not have the 8x limitation from the motherboard. For the RAM, are those timings ok? I would like to be able to overclock and I know OCZ is good but is there something better out there with a comparable price tag? Any comments on the Vcard? Is there something with comparable performance at a lower price? For the PSU, if I do Xfire later will I have a problem with insufficient power?

Other general comments: I would like to do a little overclocking, I would like to make the build as future proof as my budget allows, and I would like to keep the price within reason. I haven't looked at hardware in a while so I feel totally out of the loop and your help is much appreciated!

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January 23, 2009 3:33:39 PM

Because of the price of your listed graphic card i'd probably either go with a HD4870 1GB (perhaps the XFX one with double lifetime warranty) for $10 less or the HD4850x2 for $15 more. For case the Coolermaster RC690 with good cooling, e-sata, 1394, USB connectors on top.
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