External Hard Drive not being detected?

I'm trying to connect a new external hard drive that I bought, but my computer isn't picking it up. I tried it on my laptop and had the same problem. HOWEVER, I tried it on my OTHER desktop and it worked just fine, so I know that it at least works.

I have windows XP Home Edition with SP3.

I tried all usb port on my pc without any success. I have already checked the Disk Management thing, and it wasn't in their either. The hard drive I bought says that it works for BOTH USB1.1/2.0 I don't know what could be the problem. Thanks!

Edit: Also would like to add that all other usb stuff I've connected works. (Mouse, speakers, flash drives, etc.)
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  1. If it's not a powered drive, the usb on the laptop and other pc may not be putting out sufficient current through the usb connection to run it.
  2. It's not a powered drive. Do you think a Y cable would fix my problem?

    The weird thing is that my other PC (the one it works on) is a much older computer with less watts on the power supply.
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    You can try a Y cable, that's what often needs to be done with laptops.
    The age has nothing to do with it, the older power supplies tended to be a bit more conservative on their specs, so chances are they could put out a fair bit more then specified, but they also cost a lot more. Now you get high specs and low price and often low performance.
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