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These threads are done till dead I realize, but I still need some help here.

AMD Phenom(tm) II X3 710 Processor (3 CPUs), ~2.6GHz
3326MB RAM OCZ Sli ram
1 TB WD Greenpower
ATI Radeon HD 4870
Windows Vista™ Business (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1 (6001.vistasp1_gdr.090302-1506)
Asus M3A78-EM/CM

I seem to be getting very poor performance in this game from what I think is the CPU, 1280x800 with everything lowest I'm pulling below 30fps. All other games close to or beyond maximum and I have no idea what to do. Thinking it's the CPU based on testing around with the settings.
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  1. no it might be the ram actually, crysis really needs 4gb to have max performance.
  2. The thing is I'm running the game minimum and it's giving me this lag.
  3. go to the control panel|power options and make sure high performance is marked.
    Maybe its cool and quite having a issue.
    Also be sure everything you can is turned off in the task manager.
    See if that helps a little.
  4. if you aren't playing multiplayer then unplug the ethernet and disable the antivirus while you play.
  5. Tried turning everything off, and tried disabling CaQ and enabling it, same results.
  6. I doubt your CPU is truly holding you back. I tested Crysis on my quad and it barely used much of all of it.

    You could try OCing your CPU to say 3GHz and upping the res as the res you are playing at is a bit more CPU dependant so the GPU is not getting a workout.
  7. THe underlying problem that my CPU is crippled is really bothering me though, anyone have any insights into this?
  8. grab gpuz and make sure your gfx card is actually running at rated clocks. if not use rivatuner to set them. then disable cool & quiet in the BIOS. Its not your RAM ive got 2Gb and i average about 45-50 fps on all High settings (Dx9) at 1920x1080
  9. why do you think that your cpu is crippled?
  10. The clocks are fine.
  11. It may be the RAM, did you buy a 3GB tripple channel kit? Phenoms only support dual-channel. Try taking one GB out and see if dual channel mode helps.
  12. I have 4gb, but Vista 32 and it is in dual channel. I'm thinking it is affecting more then just Crysis, all games in general.
  13. Well, what drivers are you using?

    What motherboard are you using, and did you install the drivers for it?

    Have you had this problem in any other game?

    Did you update Crysis to at least 1.2? This fixes a buttload of issues like this.
  14. Asus M3A78-EM/CM this is my mobo, I know about the bios being the latest, the drivers were from the disc. This is a problem in generally all the games I guess.
  15. Anyone?
  16. dude something is way off. i usually play crysis with max settings on mine at 1680x1050 with no AA or anything and i get ~ 30 fps. you need to reformat + update drivers from the website NOT the cd.
  17. Whoops, so much for reading the last line of your specs.

    I agree with werxen, at the very least upgrading drivers. What version of Catalyst Control Center / display driver are you running?

    The current CCC is 9.4, which has display driver 8.6 in it. I'd grab that from the AMD site and see if that fixes it.


    Here's a link to the file for Vista 32-bit:
  18. I just reformatted and it is the latest driver. My memory timings are 6/6/6/18 if that is the problem?
  19. from the website or the cd....?
  20. I don't even use the CD, I must address that I am competent with computers, although I can't seem to find out what is up with this particular problem.
  21. hmm ok... well try this:

    see what score you get in 3d mark.
    also another noob thing, make sure your video card is ENABLED and not your mobo video card.
  22. Can things like MSN, Thunderbird, Windows Sidebar, etc. kill game performance?
  23. check you power options and make sure everything is set to high performance. Under the advanced option look for processor power management. make sure the minimum and maximum state are set to 100% You can also go into your bios and disable any kind of speed stepping (forgive me as I don't know what it's called for AMD CPUs).
  24. Where is the processor power management? Using Vista Business.
  25. Yes, things like MSN, Thunderbird and Windows Sidebar can kill performance. I'd use AMD Fusion to disable them, and every other background process, automatically. They hog RAM and CPU time, and some of them can trigger 2d mode and kill your graphics horsepower.

    Processor Power Management is in under System in Control Panel.

    Can we have a 3dmark score so we can see if your system is underperforming in other applications?
  26. I'll do a few comparisons, I'm still downloading it. Sorry I'm still not seeing the power management option.
  27. Sorry, I'm on my XP machine right now. I'll check tomorrow where Power Management is exactly, if nobody else has by then.

    You've checked all your clocks, right?
  28. Yea
  29. Hmmm... wait for benchies, I suppose. You could flash the bios while waiting. It's a long shot, but your BIOS might not suppose Phenom IIs properly.
  30. Double Post
  31. if you hit "windows" type "power" in search it will come up in the program list as Power Options. check High Performance then click change plan settings then change advanced power settings. you should see processor power management below.
  32. 3326 (system) + 1024 (video) = 4350 (Total)
    Vista x32 only supports 4096, so you are wasting 254 MB of precious ram for not having vista x64 edition.

    If you give a gig to vista and the programs that you're running, that leaves Crysis with only 2 gigs system memory, which should work but is undesirable.

    If the game plays fine for a while and then slows down, you might have a heat problem. Also, you might have malware or broken software that is eating ram, or even something as simple as a disk with errors in the pagefile.

    From Task Manager (Ctrl + alt + del), click "Performance" tab. Click (Admin) Resource Monitor. How many Memory faults / second are you getting? If this number is 300+, you need more ram. On my system with 8 gigs of ram, this number is usually less than 10.

    Note: a "Memory Fault" is not an error. I know it's a dumb name.
  33. Blah tired, "A memory fault is not an error" lol. Sorry, the correct terminology I was looking for was "Hard Fault."

    You're looking for Hard Faults/Sec. Goodnight.
  34. Check the power plug in the back of the graphics card. If all games are affected it looks to me that your GPU is under powered. Sometimes one of the contact pins can slip back and not make correct contact.
  35. 3Dmark is crashing once it hits the AI test and I'm already getting below 30fps in both graphic tests on trial settings. Getting almost no memory hard faults and I'll try flashing the bios now.
  36. Hmmmm... so it's definitely not Crysis' fault then. Power management is in Control Panel/Power Options. Do you get a BSOD error code when it crashes? In any case, try running Prime95, and see if it crashes or gives errors.
  37. No, I just go into task manager and it says not responding.

    P7878 3Dmarks
    6345 CPU score
    8569 GPU score
  38. That's a reasonable score for those specs, I believe. Hows Prime95?
  39. I flashed the BIOS to get it to stop crashing, no errors in prime. I think it's fixed at least.
  40. Sweet, let us know if you have more problems.
  41. Can you try Crysis again? It'd be sweet if the BIOS update fixed it for ya.
  42. The reason why I think it's a Crysis problem is because I run Farcry 2 DX10 Ultra with no aa and get over 30fps all the time with 1680x1050. If Warhead would stop crashing maybe I could test it, but I'll wait until I go home and try normal.

    The only game I have seen lag like this is in Crysis besides the 3Dmark crashing before the BIOS update.

    I don't know if any of you played Neverwinter Nights 2, but this is a poorly optimized game, no?
  43. I only played it for a short time, so I don't really know. I should go back and play it, though, as I liked what I played of it. I think that's when my hard drive died or something similar and lost all my stuff. :(

    Did you run the patch for it? That would definitely help it it's vanilla Crysis.

    So just Warhead crashes? Not the original Crysis?
  44. Yea, well I'll probably try re-installing that as well, but i mean if I'm doing smooth Farcry 2 max with no aa and 1680x1050, it should be a good sign?
  45. Definitely is. Do the reinstall and let us know if everything works out for you.
  46. NwN2? I get 30-ish fps on the gaming rig in my specs... so I'd say so, yeah. That's at 1680X1050, everything high by environment shadows on medium.
  47. Double post, third time in two days. I hate my wireless modem.
  48. 512mb or 1gb 4870?
  49. Crysis is acting up again, less then 30 fps on low settings after a reformat. None of the other games are affected and this is really only happening to. 512mb.
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