Need hlep with picking a RAID card

Well, i don't want to spend TOO much money preferably under 80 bucks on a RAID card for 0 configuration, but with the option for RAID 1+0 or 0+1.
BUT i need help picking a good card with great performance so i can game faster and boot a bit faster. ALSO if you recommend a HDD class for me that would great too
I can't decide wither R3 or Samsung

thanks for the help guys
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  1. I have a 890FX asus mobo if that helps

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    If you have a decent processor (e.g. a quad core or above), then having a RAID card isn't really going to be a big help. A RAID card just has a dedicated processor on the card to help sort the information between the 2 (or how ever many Hdd's you have) hard drives. They tend to be very unreliable. Soft RAIDs (RAID that is controlled by the motherboard) are more reliable but technically slower, not slow enough that you would ever notice.

    Personally if it was me I would just set up a soft RAID through your mobo. Plus finding a RAID card that is reliable, going to support 6 Gbps, and has enough for 4 or more aren't going to be cheap, and if they are, its for a reason.

    You have a good board. Use it to its full potential.

    Good Luck!
  3. well, do you recommend any HDDs, im looking for something reliable, also any tips on setting up RAID? i want to do it before installing windows 7
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