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Hello World,

I'm experiencing a problem with an unexpected hibernation on XP. In short:
-I wake up from hibernation a desktop computer running XP using WOL
-then I perform remote desktop (RDP) to that machine
-after a few minutes, the computer falls into a unexpected to hibernation

I have checked the power management and no hibernation policy is applied after XX minutes of inactivity.
No more machines on the net, so nobody is sending a remote hibernation to the machine.
No software is running that could hibernate the PC.

I have been looking for a similar problem trough the Internet with no success.
Any help or suggestion is appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Anything in the Windows event logs ?
  2. Nothing.
    After some searching, it seems that hibernation reasons are not listed in the event log.

    Thank you.
  3. I also noticed that if the CPU or the LAN are working, the system doesn't hibernates automatically. I wonder if the power management policy is different depending if the user makes login locally or via RDP. Anyway, I checked the power management when RDP and everything is disabled.

    Is windows silently assuming a special power maganement under RDP?
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