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HI ,

I have a question about my E8500 temperature ,
After about 10 min running idle in windows XP , my temps show CORE #1 36°C , CORE #2 37°C and PROCESSOR 112°C :ouch:
What's going on ??? How can two cores be at 36 °C and PROCESSOR at 112 °C ?? Is there something wrong with the sensor ? Or how are those temperatures measured ? Really don't get it .... I have put my cooler off and on again no difference ..... :??:
Temp readings are the same in Everest , Asus AI SUITE , and SPEED FAN ..... WTH ???

Thanks for the answers in advance
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  1. If all of those programs are showing 112C, that may be a cause for concern.

    Is it shutting down on you?

    If u've played with the fan, have you reapplied the thermal paste?
  2. bob_rock,

    There is nothing wrong with your E8500 or it's sensors.

    Core 2 Duo's have 3 sensors; 1 CPU temperature sensor, and 2 Core temperature sensors.

    Core temperatures are acquired directly from the Digital Thermal Sensors (DTS) on the Cores, which is factory calibrated by Intel.

    CPU temperature is acquired from the Analog Thermal Diode on the substrate between the Cores, which is converted to a digital value by the super I/O (Input/Output) chip on the motherboard, and is calibrated in BIOS.

    When properly calibrated, Core temperatures are 5c higher than CPU temperature. Intel's Thermal Specification for your E8500, shown in the Processor Spec Finder - http://processorfinder.intel.com/Default.aspx - is 72c for CPU temperature, which corresponds to 77c for Core temperatures.

    The accuracy of your CPU temperature is determined by algorythms which are programmed into BIOS. Since all socket 775 processor variants must be encoded into BIOS, mistakes are sometimes made. Not the first time, won't be the last.

    Although uncalibrated temperatures are rarely accurate, gross CPU temperature inaccuracies such as yours, can often be corrected with a BIOS update. Have you tried to flash your BIOS? Regardless, your temperatures can still be calibrated in SpeedFan.

    There's a Sticky in the Overclocking CPU Forum: Core i7 and Core 2 Temperature Guide - http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/221745-29-core-core-temperature-guide

    If you'd like to learn more about how processor temperatures work, and how to calibrate your CPU temperature AND Core temperatures so they're highly accurate, then check out my Guide.

    Comp :sol:
  3. Thank you very much for the answer , I was kinda suspicious about 112 °C temp because the cooler was not hot but anyway I wasn't sure. :p Maybe it's a long shot but could it be that CPU TEMP is shown in farenheit and cores in celsius , I think it's that crazy ASUS AI Suite to blame. :??: Because when windows start it shows right temp. and after a couple of minutes it starts to show 112? hmmm 112 farenheit = 44 °C and that's kinda normal for my processor. I will try to uninstall it when i will came home and see.
  4. You can't have 3 bad utilities - Everest, Asus AI and SpeedFan - simultaneously. I suspect the problem is either corrupt BIOS, or an intermittent super I/O chip on your motherboard.
  5. That's very much true but , if the bios was corrupted wouldn't it show 112 temp in bios too ?
    Wow you are really fast with those replies thanks again for the effort. :D
  6. Not necessarily, however, it's also possible that you could have poor socket pin contact with the pads on the bottom of the processor, or a slightly bent pin. You might try reseating the processor to rule out a potential pin contact problem.
  7. stock 8500 cooler sucks

    get an intel copper core cooler - stock for the q6600
  8. Did you just get the e8500? Or have you had it for months, it was working fine and this just started happening? It was either faulty from the day it arrived or you broke it (just kidding).

    Seriously, check the temps again with PC Wizard, Real Temp, CoreTemp, see what those progs say. I can't imagine 112 C without the smell of burning silicon, maybe even a little smoke.
  9. well this may be true dragonspray , but it's not the solution :) .

    I have found couple of posts on lavalys that says that sometime different software cause this wrong temp effect , and a couple of users there already updated the bios and it didn't help. There's a real possibility that a slightly bent pin like CompuTronix said may be the reason. :??:
  10. HundredIslandsBoy,

    Please read the thread carefully. bob_rock's problem is with CPU temperature, NOT Core temperatures. Real Temp and Core Temp monitor Core temperatures ONLY, but not CPU temperature.

    Comp :sol:
  11. To answer HundredIslandsB question :
    I just got my E8500 and P5Q PRO motherboard (few days), I have found a couple of posts where people say that their sensor show for someone 111 , somebody said 119 and so on. "I can't imagine 112 C without the smell of burning silicon, maybe even a little smoke." no i don't think those are real temp readings cuase the cooler is cold and the computer works just fine. But I don't know if that was from the beginning. I have noticed this when I installed ASUS AI and set in FAN EXPERT cpu fan on standard. All was good and the suddenly fans went crazy 100%. Checked the ASUS AI and the temp was 112 :heink: but in everest was still normal around 36. Then I restarted everest and then the everest too showed 112 :??: . More and more I think it's the ASUS AI to blame.
  12. You stated in your first post that your Core temperatures are not affected. Only your CPU temperature is affected.

    I believe that I clearly explained the difference between CPU temperature and Core temperatures in my first response to your post.
  13. CompuTronix said:
    You stated in your first post that your Core temperatures are not affected. Only your CPU temperature is affected.

    I believe that I clearly explained the difference between CPU temperature and Core temperatures in my first response to your post.

    I did understand what you stated in your first post and yes only CPU temperature is affected.
  14. I just wanted to be absolutely clear on this point, so that no one joining our discussion will be confused, since so many users don't understand the difference.
  15. I think I found it ... i hope :D , on ASUS forum there is a post about the same problem as mine , and there is a case of computer selecting the wrong CPU temperature sensor. The correct one for the CPU (temperature sensor diode 2) is PI I2N3904. Sometimes the computer selects Thermistor 2N3904. That was stated. And one guy did the change in SPEEDFAN and it did work and show the right CPU temp. That's not the solution , but I found another post on ASUS where someone stated than when he removed ASUS AI software , everest and speedfan started showing the right temp. Correct me if i'm wrong but who tells the software which sensor should it choose ? BIOS ? Or BIOS just makes the calculations send it to a chip and then the value is read from the chip ? Can hardly wait to come home from work and try this.
  16. Each individual software utility is programmed to acquire data from BIOS and the super I/O chip on the motherboard. Some motherboards have more than one super I/O chip such as the Asus Rampage Formula. Unless you're conducting utility comparisons, it's recommended to run only one utility, due to potential software conflicts.

    Of course, I run SpeedFan only, since it allows CPU temperature AND Core temperatures to be calibrated, and also shows peripheral information. My next best recommendation is to run Real Temp, which is an excellent utility with many unique features including both Load AND Idle calibrations, but supports Core temperatures only.
  17. Yup it did the trick , ASUS AI messed up the temperature. I did remove it , now everest , speedfan and others show real temp. :bounce:
  18. You da MAN! :sol:
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