Boot hangs at DELL logo

DELL Inspiron 530 hangs at DELL logo for a least a couple of minutes. The black screen with blinking cursor then hangs for another couple of minutes only displaying "Auto adjust..." twice.
Then Windows boots up normally.

This started after installing a new version of the Total real estate software.

Where should I be looking for the problem?
Hope you can help.

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  1. is this a laptop or a desktop? if it's a desktop then the autoadjust is from your monitor, has nothing to do with the computer.

    I'm not familiar with total real estate.

    My guess would be it was doing a hard drive check for a couple of minutes.

    Is this behavior consistent no matter whether you shutdown or reboot the computer?
  2. RAM or HDD or GRAPHICS card !
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. The number of possible reasons were many and the lengthy boot time made it very tedious. Here's the final fix and how I finally found it.

    After updating the BIOS of the desktop, I saw a message during boot that the AHCI BIOS wasn't installed. Since this system didn't have SATA drives I searched for another reason. The search suggested disconnecting all USB devices. I disconnected all except the mouse and keyboard.

    The system booted right up, but the mouse was erratic. I stopped using that port and hooked up all the other USB devices, both directly connected and through a USB hub. There has been no problems since.

    The troubleshooting was complicated because it started right after the software upgrade.
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