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hey guys can you help me with my problem with my pc, everytime I open my computer in the morning I always read a message in a black screen which says "disk read error insert your system disk and press enter. All I have to do is to touch some of the connection of the hard disk on SATA, or I set up the BIOS then reboot the PC, this will bring be to the windows, but if I turn off my computer in the evening and when I open it in the morning I read same message again, what would this mean or what shall I do to get out of this problem?
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  1. There could be something wrong with either your hard disk or motherboard. Would it be possible to try using another hard disk with your PC? That disk read error results from your computer not being able to read Windows properly and thus failing to start up, IMO.
  2. Try replacing the SATA cable with another and swapping the power cable on the Hard disk..

    Make sure the bios boots from the bios first. Try switching off all external devices such as printers etc as this can cause aggro.

    Failing that the hard disk is on its way out..

    Also try changing the connector for the sata on the motherboard for the another one... The connector on the motherboard may be damaged.

    I really dont think the motherboard will be to blame unless the connector on the board is damaged.
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