How to emulate my external HDD as DVD?

My motherboard has an emulation option to emulate USBs as CD/DVD, HDD or Floppy. I copy the files in a CD or DVD to my external HDD (Western Digital 160GB) but it does not work as CD/DVD. What I'm missing?
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  1. It will emulate a CD/DVD, HDD or a floppy if you use a USB thumb drive. You can't force DVD emulation for a hard disk.
  2. Isn't it same thing? USB thumb drive or USB hard disk? Mine is
  3. No they are not. Why would you want to use a hard disk and emulate a CD/DVD?
  4. My DVD-ROM is dead. I want to install Windows 7 from my hard disk. I found one another way (actually it is for Vista) but I'm gettig error. It says that botloader or something like that (I do not remmeber exact phrase now) is corrupted.
  5. Since you want Windows 7 on it, did you do it from a Windows 7 DVD?
  6. Yes. 7100.0.090421-1700_x86fre_client_en-us_retail_ultimate-grc1culfrer_en_dvd.iso Accesed it using a virtual DVD-ROM.
  7. I never tried accessing boot info from a virtual DVD-ROM, but it should work since VMs can be installed from an ISO file. You may want to try a different procedure, like this one that's a lot simpler:!DA410C7F7E038D!1665.entry
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