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Given the fact my moniter is now far better then my LCD TV, I've been looking into getting a TV tuner card for my PC. I do have a few questions though:

1: As of now, my Cable Box's HD input is the old 5 cable design (3 for HD input, 2 for sound), that I requested so my HD splitter that i used for everything else could be used. Will that be an issue, or would a diffrent input type be needed?

2: How will sound input be processed (ie, will sound input also go into the TV tuner card, or elsewhere?)

3: How do i switch my moniter input to receive the TV signal (some program probably, any suggestions?)

I just want all my bases covered before I look to buy.


4: I'm currently behind a cable box (hence, the 5 plug setup). Would I be better off with a setup that blugs the cable directly into the Tuner card, and how does that work with scrambled channels (HBO, etc)
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  1. Probably should explain better (it would help if I weren't at work right now...)

    What I want: I want to connect my digital output from my cable box (currently the 5 plug setup (3 for HD video, plus the red/white RCA audio jacks)) to my PC through a TV tuner, as I could care less about watching two things at once, or multiple recording options.

    I've seen plenty of cards that support the standard def Yellow/White/Red/S-vid setup, but I can't find any that support the 5 HD plug variety.

    So, here are the burning questions:

    1: If I switch my output to DVI, can I connect sound through a tuner card and video through my GFX card? (Note, if I can get digital sound with that, I can do sound in via my soundcard instead)

    2: Are there any tuners that support the 5 plug inputs?


    All I want is the input to go to my PC instead of my TV. No video capturing/multiple channels, etc.
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