Incredibly Low 3Dmark score

I scored 6600 in 3Dmark and for my system I believe that is incredibly low. Any ideas to help me trouble shoot this or to what the problem might be?

My System:
Phenom 9850 BE oced to 3.0Ghz
4GB (4x1) Patriot DDR2 800Mhz
2 nvidia 9800GTX in SLI
850W Antec Quattro
22" (1680x1050) Monitor
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  1. detailed scores pls (from the standard run without AA etc)!
    cpu, sm 2/3 for 3dmark06, and if this is a vantage score then the preset that was used also....
  2. Score: 6554
    SM 2.0: 2396
    SM 3.0: 2656
    CPU: 3339
  3. cpu score seems fine, but those sm scores are way too low even for a single card...

    It could be some sort of driver issue, wipe the drivers and reinstall. Does it recognize the sli setup in 3dmark? Have you tried running it with one card only? Maybe it's psu/power related so single card card would put less stress on the psu.

    And download GPU-Z, it can tell you a lot info about the cards...
  4. I forgot to mention that one of my GPUs is made by PNY and the other BFG. I know they should work in SLI without a problem, but could that be a possibility?
  5. that shouldn't matter
  6. Make sure you disable cool and score with it on 8600, with it off 15,200.
    (Phenom 2 @3.2ghz, 8800GTS 512 OC)
    However, it looks like you may have some kind of issue with your SLI setup as well, that is really low. Anyhow disable Cool and Quiet, if you have not already, and see what happens.
  7. might need to "right click" and update your mullett
  8. make sure you are running the tests at standard settings. i remember one poster complaining about low scores after running the tests maxed out at 1920x1200
  9. I just reran with SLI disabled...this is killing me.
    SM 2.0: 2660
    SM 3.0: 2532
    CPU: 3886

    500 point jump in CPU what gives...could my overclock be unstable? I have only ever had one lockup that I can remember in a very long time.
  10. have you reinstalled drivers ?
    is there tons of program running on your CPU ?
    your running the STANDARD 3dmark06 test ? 1024x768, noAA ...
    what is your MOBO ????????
    SLI bridge is in place ? i dont think its supposed to matter but maybe depand on your MOBO.
  11. yes reinstalled drivers
    not many programs
    yes standard
    yes SLI bridge is in
  12. well, SLI 8x8x but its not the real problem. there is something. Driver or mobo issue. if you try with one gpu, and after with the other one installed in the SLOT 1. Just to see if one off those is defective.

    Fresh install of both nforce and gpu ?
  13. Which 3DMark? It could be Vantage or 3DMark 03 for all we know.
  14. You never said, did you disabled Cool and Quiet in the BIOS......?
    If not...DO IT.
    Undo your overclock and put everything back to normal.
    A stock system configured as yours should be higher than what you are getting.
    Start there, and when you figure it out, and everything is running as it should, then start with the overclocking and re-testing.
  15. Yes Cool and Quiet is disabled.
    I completely reformatted my system last night and the results were similar.
    Taking out individual cards is the last thing I want to do because my wiring is terrible and my computer is in a hard to access place, but that looks like my only option. Ill try that and give everyone an update.

    3Dmark 06 Pro by the way.
  16. hows the load temperatures?
    it might be throttling or something...
    download realtemp/coretemp/speedfan and gpu-z to find out

    edit and keep an eye on the voltages as well while under load, if it is psu problem the voltages could dip too low
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