Difference between wd elements and passport

wat is the difference between wd element and passport hard drives
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  1. I honestly think a lot of it relates to the bundled software, but I am not sure. I have wondered how they try to differentiate the lineup.
  2. Micro USB on the Passport and Mini USB on the Elements. The elements is slightly larger as well.
  3. HI ..
    It's so simple : wd element is used for windows only while wd passport is used for mac and windows .
    the price is slightly higher in passport
  4. Heya,

    When you compare WD Elements and My passport ultra, there is basically not much difference you can find. But I would sure like to point out that WD My passport ulra comes with some pre-installed software which might come in handy like Cloud back up and Hard disk encryption which is why Western digital have made it a little more pricy then the WD Elements.

    I have done a complete review between WD elements vd My passport Ultra, Do check it out and do not buy until you read the simple review.

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