Amd athlon x4 pushed to the max

i currently have my athlon x4 620 pushed to 3.25ghz...with a 250mhz bus speed on stock voltage(1.3750) runs stable and has been for 8 mouths.
my question is how far (on a safe side please!) could i push the voltage to get it up to a 3.5ghz (270mhz bus)..where would be a nice way to start

i have the stock cooler i know i need to get something better but i have a good PC case and i well upgrade to a better HSF later
hers the rest of my system
(i have no idea how to find the max Bus speed(safely) on my motherboard i know at 255mhz my PC was not 100% stable)
Asus m4a785-m Micro-Board
Antec 380 earthwatts PSU
ATI 4770
4Gb of ram
the rest really does'nt matter
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  1. what temps do you get at 3.25Ghz w/ stock cooler?
  2. OvrClkr said:
    what temps do you get at 3.25Ghz w/ stock cooler?

    I get around 27-32C idle and 52-54C max out for hours and hours

    like i said i well be buying me anouther heat-sink i just want to know were a safe place to but the voltage 1.5V maybe whats the highest safest voltage this thing can handle i want to keep the temps below 60C. so this cpu can last 3-5 years
  3. with a decent cooler you can reach up to 3.8Ghz (assuming you will not hit a wall with your FSB) @ 1.48/1.49v and temps will be well under 60c.

    I run my x4 @ 3.8Ghz on a daily basis and it wont hit 50c unless my room temp is over 80F.
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