Raid Sata HDD + IDE HDD

Hi, I currently have two HDD's set up in raid config and use they are my main HD's, They have the OS and everything on. I recently found an old HDD that I have and wanted to use it, Its an IDE HDD and I only have sata ports left on my mobo so I had to buy an adaptor. The adaptor works fine, However I have to set the mobo sata ports to IDE (Not Raid) therefore it wont recognise an os anymore.

Is there anyway I can have both a Raid config on 2 sata HDD's and an IDE HDD?

System specs can be provided if necessary (Doubt they'd be useful)
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  1. You'd need to buy an IDE controller. Unless it's a large IDE disk, it ain't worth the trouble.
  2. Well, Its a 250g Hard drive so I'd quite like to use it. Hows it so much trouble to buy a controller?
  3. If you are running XP, then finding a controller isn't that difficult. If you are running Vista, then you'll have to make sure that drivers are available. If I were you, I'd either use it in an external USB enclosure or sell it and buy a SATA drive. Much less trouble.
  4. Ah, just driver problems then. Well, Buying a SATA drive isn't really an option because theres data that I need on it. I've already got an external USB enclosure but was trying to avoid that problem as I've got nowhere to put it.

    I'll probably end up swapping it for a SATA drive unless I can get a Vista a certified controller.
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