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My situation starts like this, my younger brother broke my sweet gaming Pc at home. So he took it into best buy and as they were fixing it they dropped the CPU on the ground (thanks geek squad). They reported to me not only was my CPU fried but my GPU and mother board was too. In this case the manger gave my brother a Compaq Presario SR5350F that includes a 1.8-GHz Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2160 processor and two sticks of 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2 memory (2GB total) mounted on an Asus IPILP-LC motherboard with integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics and I personally added a PCI Express GeForce 8600 GT. What I am trying to do is turn this PC into a good gaming PC and I feel my GPU is good but my CPU is too weak. Would I need to upgrade my CPU and Mother Board or just CPU and what should it be? Plus to note I salvaged a Nosietaker Enermax 485w power supply from my old PC.
Thanks, Tyler
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  1. Ahh, the techs that work on things. hehe. Did you ask them to replace it because if i were you then he would probably have to buy another CPU for me. There is even a documentary that a Canadian news group did on these PC fixing "geeks". Well you'd have to replce it for gaming yes. Well on the Compaq site (HP) the highest upgrade would be Core 2 Duo E4400. Or the E4x00 series. You might have trouble finding these though. Its a S775 mobo.It has support for DDR2 mem. up to 533MHZ speeds. You should add more ram maybe atleast 2GB/RAM.

    E4400 CPU (Its no longer sold, but heres an idea of what it is.)

    Plus, you might not notice a HUGE difference in speeds. Since each are dual cores. Too bad OEMs card OC lol.
  2. I'm still confused on how they managed to kill nearly every component in your PC by just dropping the CPU . Did you get the original system back? There may be a good chance that you will be able to salvage some other components from the "dead" system.
  3. + 1, alot of times they diagnose problems wrong which leads to more money spent than intended. Get the old computer back and check the components. If the CPU pins were just bent then take a razor sharp exacto knife and carefully bend them back. If its truly destroyed then well your unlunck :(
  4. The system they gave as a replacement seems pretty well balanced out. If you upgrade the GPU, your CPU will become the bottleneck and vice-versa.
    For a gaming PC, a better GPU and average CPU will give you better framerates than a faster CPU and your 8600 GT. If your case and motherboard can fit a 9800 GTX+ (see Newegg recertiufied for EVGA model $105 only!) that to me is your logical upgrade.
  5. Well apprently what happend was the CPU was out of place which i personally highly doubt because those things have to be lock in tight. They continued to tell me since that was out of place it fried my Mobo along with my GPU so i was pissed. Back to the problem..... so you guys would recommend me getting a better GPU since the CPU is average ? an if so i got a budgt of 200 mula.... to note i play games like Oblivion, Spore, Half life, and Empire total war ( which should have been a crime to release as early as they did, Empire was riddled with bugs making it unbarable to play ). P.s how would i know if the GPU (9800 GTX) would fit in my mobo?
  6. It will, first because you have a 8600GT in there right now. And its most likely a PCI-e 16x GPU. But the case would be a tight fit. Cards like that are very long and take up lots of space.

    It won't matter if you upgrade the GPU to a higher one, theres no CPU that can preform well with it right now. The highest like I said, you can only upgrade to is a Intel E4400 C2D CPU. I'm trying to help you find a site that still carries it. The motherboard won't be fried if its out of place, it system wouldn't start. Thats it. (I think).
    PS. Whats Mula? Sorry I do not know much about these currencys, or it means something? I don't know!
  7. Haha "Mula" just slang for money... I guess from what all i herd so far my chip set for this PC isnt made for gaming and it would probly be more usefull for me just to buy a new comp instead of upgrading my main componets
  8. Well somewhat true, that motherboard won't be good for upgrading. Especially the CPU, they're already discontinued. But other than that find a lucky site and then get the CPU. You'd have a good gaming PC then.
  9. Thanks man you helped alot!
  10. What was your gaming PC specs before? Just curious lol. If you don't mind me asking/
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