HELP getting stable 3.8 mhz i5 750~! with low voltz

I got my i5 750 stable at 1.36875 volts, but i have read people doing it much lower like 1.27 or something. my other voltz are
I use a hyper 212 cooler, and a gigabyte p55a ud3 motherboard. with 2 x 2gb gskil ram at 1600.

mr ram voltage is at 1.6 and speed is set to 1480 or something
vtt 1.15
pch 1.05
PLL 1.80

Id like to get my vcore voltz down below 1.3 but not sure how to do that. any help would be great.
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  1. it doesn't work that way.

    every chip is different, and will require different voltages to stabilize their clockspeeds.

    but there is no way to make a CPU stable at lower volts. its not to do with temperatures, or the cooler.

    the reason a voltage increase is required is because an increased clockspeed reduces the time between cycles for the system to get the data needed. increasing the voltage strengthens the signal so the data can be fetched more easily.

    so, if it si unstable at a certain voltage, you are stick with it. as long as temps are good though, there is no need to lower the voltage.
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    Raise Vtt to lower Vcore.

    Try something like 1.3 Vcore and 1.2 Vtt. It'll probably take more than that tho. Maybe 1.22Vtt will give you 1.28-1.3Vcore.
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