Core temps or CPU temp in Speedfan?

Hi all, I just tried to give my phenom II 1055t a light overclock (2.8 --> 3.33) with no voltage adjustment and I'm now running prime95 for about an hour (still running...)
I used speedfan to monitor my temps and it really got me confused when the core temps are about 43-44C (I'm using stock cooler) while the CPU temp hits 60C. So which one are we usually talking about when it comes to something like "... temps below 60C and you're fine"???? :fou:
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  1. could core temp mean system temp? in any case just download HWMonitor. its by far the best temp monitor. just try it again and use that
  2. SpeedFan I don't like so much. However, it's a bit odd that your cores are colder than the CPU. It's possible that by CPU it really means NB... I don't know, all mobos seem to have different temp sensors.

    Like CrysisComa said, try HWMonitor and/or CoreTemp or RealTemp
  3. I also found it weird when core temps were actually lower than CPU temp.

    I tried HWMonitor and the core temps matched exactly with those in Speedfan, which were around 44-45C. However, I notice that the CPUTIN (HWmonitor) temp also matched the CPU temp in Speedfan (60C).

    Could somebody explain to me?
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