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I am rebooting "Windows 7" more than any prior version of Windows for one simple reason. When my computer comes out of a sleep mode and I click to log on to an existing session, the keyboard can no longer be used. Often when I attempt to type on the keyboard, the mouse is then lost as well.

If I instead log on and then immediately do a restart - everything is fine. So, now I have fallen into the habit of restarting every time. It takes less time for me to do that then getting something started with the mouse and then freezing the system by trying to type something. So I just accept the restart and avoid the reboot. But, essentially the restart is a reboot.

Very frustrating! Then a few times I have gone directly to the Microsoft website and they do not even mention the issue in their database. It's like no matter how many people mention the same "windows 7" "loses keyboard", Microsoft just does not care. It goes against all the other facts that say "Windows 7" is the most stable version of Windows.

Microsoft just sucks!
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  1. It sounds like your keyboard drivers are running away after sleep mode, sometimes this happens due to Framework....or a incorrect driver is installed. Try completing a windows update, and see if that helps, otherwise check what version of driver you are running.

    Sometimes if a 64bit win7 driver is not released for a product people automatically download the 32bit, and sometimes it will work, but it will have it moments. This happened to me with my realtek audio driver... It would disappear after sleep, or go fuzzy.
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