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Im currently in the process of planning out a new computer to build myself for my birthday. I work from home as a tech support agent for an isp and this is one of the biggest uses of my computer. What I want is to be able to run VM of several OS's that our customers may be running at the same time to help with troubleshooting what IM stuck on now is if I want to go with a 9850 BE with a Foxconn A79A-S. Or possibly going the route of of an e8500 with a gigabyte ud3p. The main filters on my shoices are besides my target workload are budget (after shipping trying to hit about 550~570ish so mobo+proc should be ~300) and upgradability for the future. THats probably the biggest draw for the amd build because I know it'll take the next gen of amd processors withought geting a new mobo while with intel I will be able to upgrade to a quad core eventually as prices drop there wont be any new products in that socket. Either one I'll definatly want to overclock to get the best performance of course. I dont game a lot (mostly cuz my computer is outa date) but occasionaly like to play Oblivion and WoW. Any help or insight as wich path is going to be better is greatly apreciated.

The rest regardless is going to be:
Antec 300
Corisponding Artic Coooler
8GB Gskill 1066 cas5
Raidmax 530w PSU
I allready have a smattering of HDD im going to use for a raid5 array
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  1. I can comment on running several VMs as I do that quite bit. Will the VMs be doing a lot of work or will they be used to test one VM at a time? I know that running several VMs in a development environment doesn't require a lot of CPU power (most of my VMs run an Oracle DB, but none is very busy). I have a Q6600, a GA-EP45-UD3P and 8GB of memory in my VM server, but an E8400 is more than enough (even an E7300 would be fine). Having enough memory to prevent swapping is more important than having a more powerful CPU.

    I use Windows Server 2008 and VMware Server 2.0. What will you use to run VMs?
  2. Ive been using workstation 6.5 and plan on running 2xp 1vista 1ubuntu 1osx86 and probably a win7. Would server 2008 be a better choice than Vista 64? What I hope for is that I can get enough performance out if it so don't feel to off from running native.
  3. You need Windows Server to run VMware Server and XP or Vista to run VMware Workstation. You normally don't require a lot of performance from VMs as they normally are used for servers or for office tasks. They definitely are not suitable for gaming.
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