ATI Radeon X1950 XTX 512mb Help

hi, approximately 1 year ago i purchased a Advent T9610 for casual use of gaming, wow etc. But recently ive decided to begin playing a little more hardcore, and experience some of the high class games. The system im on is linked HERE

heres my question, will i be able to run a ATI Radeon X1950 XTX (512mb) on the power supply in this machine, as the Nvidea 8400GS is utter garbage. An example of the X1950 card is HERE

the system is still at default and i have not changed any of the parts. All stock
I also noticed the link for the T9610 does not show any details on the power supply so i opened her up.
I know a fair share about hardware but i have no idea about powersupplys, i didnt understand how to read or what exactly i was looking for, so ive took a photo.CLICK TO SEE LARGER

That label is the only information on the PSU nothing else is there.

It will be much appreciated for your help thanks.
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  1. Well, you SHOULD be able to run it on that power supply. (I pushed an x1900xt on a 310w Power supply with less 12v amps), but if you're going to be paying THAT much for an x1950xtx (if you don't already have it, of course), you'd be MUCH better off with a different, new video card.
  2. Thankfully i didnt pay that price lol, i got this card for £35 from a freind, thought it was a good offer considering it outperforms my 8400GS by a long shot. The 8400GS is around about $30 too.
  3. Just put a HD4670 in there its better than the X1950 XTX anyway, nearly twice as many FPS in Far Cry and wont be an issue with power as it dosent need any power cables.

  4. Agree the 4670 will demolish any x1900 . A 4670 can keep up with the 3870 which is a smaller version of the hd2900. Right now I have a 4670 at work running with a crappy 300w psu and 14amps on the 12v rail.
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