Thermal paste or not on Corsair H50-1 Water Cooler

Should I use thermal paste on the Corsair H50-1 Water Cooler or leave it as is?
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  1. If you bought it new it comes with pre-applied thermal paste, so leave it as it is.
    If you bought it used, you need to add some thermal paste.
  2. Use the pre-installed thermal paste.
  3. I'm building from scratch so all is new.
    Which has the thermal paste already added: the Corsair H50, retail i7 920 or i7 920 OEM?
    Does the retail boxed i7 920 have the cooler heatsink-fan attacthed to the CPU out-of-the-box or does it have to be assembled?
  4. The retail i7 will come with a cooler but its not attached to the processor so ignore it and the H50 will have the thermal paste pre-applied to it.
  5. That answers all my questions - thanks!
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