AMD Phenom II 555BE + MSi 870A-G54 Mobo Overclocking and Unlocking

I'm a newbie to overclocking and would like some help.

I have a 555BE and msi 870A-G54 mobo as mentioned previously. I've looked at the overclocking guide on the top. I made sure my RAM should be at manufacturer settings, although I'm not too sure about it. It's supposed to be 800MHz PC-12800 but it's downclocked to 667MHz PC3-10700. My mobo automatically set the CAS latency, which seems right. I also changed the 1T/2T Memory Timing from auto to 2T.

I tried setting the FSB/DRAM ratio to 1:4 and it set it to 1600MHz, but the DRAM voltage (auto) went from 1.5v to 1.68v, so I reverted to auto FSB/DRAM ratio, which is 3:10. Then I set it to 1:4 ratio again but manually set the DRAM Voltage to the next highest state, 1.532v. If I try to go to 1.5v, it'll just change to auto. Goes like so: ... -> 1.47v -> Auto -> 1.532v -> ... I'm not too entirely happy with that, but that's safe right?

Anyway, to the overclocking part. I'm brand new to this, but the motherboard seems to support it well enough, even having auto OC features, but inevitably bad auto.

Temps on my CPU are pretty good, so I don't worry too much about it. I use a hyper 212+ with a CM 690ii advanced case with good wire management and ample air flow. My CPU has gone as low as 14C. I idle under 20C most of the time under default settings with Cool'n'Quiet enabled (this is what changes the multiplier from x4-x16 right? is it possible to do that for higher multipliers?) . Under load, it doesn't seem to surpass 37C. I'm not sure about this, but that's the highest it has gone on the mobo CPU temps, which seems to be higher than the CPU cores by 7C (unlocking breaks the temp reader on the CPU).

So I'm not sure what path I am supposed to take with all this. FSB, multipliers, voltage... I'm lost. Are the basic limits to OCing your CPU your temperatures and your voltage?

First thing I did was unlock my cores... except my 4th core just seemed plain unstable :(. I initially turned on both, crashed on w7 boot. Eventually turned off my 4th core to see if that would work, and it did. Turned off 3rd core and turned on 4th, didn't work. Turned off both 2nd and 3rd core and left one 1st and 4th, didn't work. So, I assume that 4th core is plain faulty and not that it doesn't have enough voltage. :( lol

Thing to note, with no unlocked cores, it's dual core obviously. Its minimum power is 29w, max is 86w with Cool'n'quiet, if not, constant 86w. With unlocked cores, the CPU core temp monitors are broken, the power increase to 44w min, 130w max with Cool'n'quiet aka no overclock. 130w constant with cool'n'quiet

From there on, I set my multiplier from auto to x19. Default is x16 max. So at this point, i'm looking at 3800MHz Tri core. I've ran prime95 for about an hour and it seems stable.

20x and 19.5x seem to crash, so I'm not sure if CPU is unstable or just not enough voltage. I'm trying to get it to 20x for 4000MHz tri core, OCD purposes.

Then I tried messing around a lot with the FSB to get a little more, but didn't get too much before crashing. Then I reset the multipliers to auto and started testing the FSB. I was able to set it to 230MHz, but still not as much as multipliers. Should I just not bother with FSB and only do multipliers?

So what else is there to do? I don't even know if I should be doing something to the HT, NB, or those related voltages.

Btw, should I go back to default settings when I am using it for general use? No cool n quiet throttling makes me sad.

Right now I am testing x20 Multiplier with 3 cores. Keep upping the voltage but still crashing running prime95. I am at 1.467v right now, which I think will be stable. After 1.435v, voltage increase were not in .001 increments anymore, so increments are getting bigger and will be easier to hit the stable point minimum that my mobo allows.

Edit: so It looks stable at 1.467v, but is it worth it overclocking to 4000MHz at an increase of 0.067v? It runs at stock 1.4v just fine with x19.
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  1. Kinda bumping here.

    I clean installed and upgraded from W7 Home Premium to W7 Pro. I noticed my WEI score dropped from 7.3 to 6.6. SuperPi has also shown that I was getting about 18.5s on 1M Calculations. Now I am getting 22s. I'm confused what happened to my CPU?

    I OC'ed to 4GHz and reran. WEI didn't change, I didn't expect it to. SuperPi went was faster too, about 18.2s, but this is with a hefty OC.
  2. As for the core voltage you can put it up as high as 1.5 if you need to as long as your temperatures are OK what are they at 4GHz? I don't know what SuperPi is to comment you could try SiSandra for benchmarking as it has comparisons to various setups. You have so much info above I am not sure what you are asking.
  3. i personally would shut CnQ off if your overclocking as it will cause instability and i also ha the Phenom II 555 BE and run 4GHz Core Volt @ 1.46v and am stable with DDR3 1333 @1500 (stock timings 9-9-9-24 ) and my cpu settings are as follows multi @16.5 bus speed @ 230 HT link @ 1000Mhz ( with 4 cores unlocked )
  4. Yeah, sorry my mind was flying with questions and I tried to organize as much as I could but I didn't do it so well. I read a bit more when I was going through typing that long post and have figured out quite a few things, but would like confirmation.

    My temperatures are great, so I don't really worry about those. Like I said, normal conditions, I idle under 20C on default settings. Overclocked and stressed, it won't really go past 40C.

    SuperPi is just a small benchmark for CPUs to calculate X number of Pi. Just calculates how long it takes.

    I do turn off CnQ when I OC krazipo. I am wondering why you go through FSB instead of just upping the multiplier? And I'm not sure what HT Link does.


    To reiterate, here are a couple of my questions shortened:

    RAM is supposed to be DDR3 1600 1.5v 9-9-9-24. Mobo on auto has FSB/DRAM ratio as 1:3.33, which means 1333. If I change it to 1:4, my voltage spikes auto spikes to 1.687v. So I manually set it 1 notch lower, which is 1.47v. Or I can set it 1 notch higher, 1.532v. Is this okay? Would I notice any benefit from 1600MHz?

    Overclocking stability is just based on heat/voltage? Nothing else? If my temperatures are good, does that mean voltage is my limit?

    I have a stable unlock + multiplier at x19, so 3.8 GHz x3 at auto aka 1.401v max. To get to x20 multiplier 4.0 GHz I have to set the voltage to 1.467v for a stable OC. Is it worth it?

    Lastly, what about the FSB, NB-CPU Ratio, HT-Link, etc. What are those things for OCing? Should I even bother with FSB if I have unlocked multipliers?
  5. Hello, i can do allmoust all thoose things, in bios i've unlocked 3rd core, and made like u x19, but i can't change voltage from 1350v(auto), to 1400v (auto is gray color, so i can't change nothing, also my motherboard is 880GM-E41 (MS-7623)) ...:/ I wanna upload some photos, so u can see how it looks like, but don't know how. Some helps would really help me... Thanks
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