Best SSDs for RAID 0 as ESXi datastore

I know that TRIM wont work, but I'm looking for what would best fit my needs.

A couple 64GB models in RAID 0 would probably be more than enough space, but I'll entertain any size.
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  1. I hope this is for a test system.
  2. Uh, yeah.

    I just want it to be fast.

    I'll do backups to an external esata or usb drive.
  3. What about the Other World Computing SSD?

    50GB Mercury Extreme Pro RE SSD 2.5" Serial-ATA 9.5mm Solid State Drive. High Performance internal MLC Flash storage with 28% Over Provisioned Redundancy. 5 Year OWC Warranty. (OWCSSDMXRE050)

    $209.99 each, seem to have good reviews and performance. Using the SandForce SF-1200 controller with 28% "extra" space so you could fill the drive to 50GB capacity and still have 14GB left for moving stuff around to avoid performance or wear issues.
  4. You are going to use sata6 interface. Sata 6 should boost sequencial read/writes. As for the small random read/writes raid0 does very little to improve.
  5. Well, this will be running server server VMs such as oracle / SQL server, a content management system, multiple webservers. I thought throughput and iops were the most important.

    So you think one 100GB SSD is worth it over a raid 0 config?
  6. Might want to look at the new version setup to work on SATA 6 and based on the SF controller. Sata 6 SSDs are just starting to appear.
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