Anyone with Asus P5N-E Sli in Sli with dual slot Gfx Cards?

Sup again guys.

I have the ASUS P5N-E SLI MB.

I just bought 2 EVGA 9800 GTX +'s Dual slot Gfx cards.

I cant get the second card in due to where the Sata Port are and the Sata cable's sticking up when pluged in, they block the Card from being able to go into its slot.

Anyone have this board and dual slot SLI gfx cards? and if so can they tell me how they got around this?

I tried to cut into my second set of SATA cable in order to get a very tight bend so they would Lay flat with the MB but that didnt work at all. I ruined the Sata cables. I was looking on New Egg at the 90 degree angle sata cables but they look like they will still block the Card from going into place.

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.


Edit: I can provid pictures a little bit later if it would help you guys help me? :)
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  1. Bump.

    I went to Fry's Electronics and bought a set of Right angle Sata Cables," class="img lazy">

    the cable still sticks up about 1/4 Inch to high or so.

    Can anyone recomend which SATA Cable they are using and maybe give me the brand and part # so i can get a couple?

    The Sata i bought from fry's was the only Right angle Sata cable they carry in the store, all the other you can only get through their web site, But i can order from newegg or something i dont care.

    I pretty much over my computer budget so i need each cable to be under $7.00

    Thanks Guys.
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