Help with 2x SLI 470GTX cooling

Hi guys,

I've recently built a new system and after all the teething problems I finally have it up and performing.

I've got quite a bad overheating problem with my SLI cofiguration, I have the same mobo and cards (different company) as the $2000 performance pc built buy this site:,review-31919.html

I'm using the coolermaster RC-600 case, which is a mid tower and of similar dimensions to the Antec case use for the $2000 build.

I'm about to order some nice new case fans such that I'll have 3x intake @ bottom front, 2x case side and 2x output @ top and rear top.

I'm also going to be purchasing a cpu cooler that should just all the cpu heat out the top of the case.

My question is; does anyone know of a good aftermarket cooling solution that will work with the cards in SLI configuration? Bear in mind that these cards are physically v. close and I'm almost certain it wont fit in any other PCI slot configuration so I need something that adds no extra depth to the cards.

The option I have been looking at is the thermalright spitfire, if I buy the mounting bracket it should be compatible, however I'm unsure as to the ram/pcb cooling and whether it will fit in my case.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Kind regards,
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  1. have you first tested the system to see where it tops out? there are a few users here that are running 470's in SLI w/ stock coolers. Unless your ambient is higher than normal I see no reason to buy AM coolers for both cards.
  2. well, In gta IV after ten minutes the top card is at 105C, so I quit at this point and get scared :)
  3. I may also like to point out that I bought cheapest OCuk value 470's so the stock coolers may not be tip top...
  4. correct me if im wrong but the RC-600 case only has one intake fan and is not considered "great" when it comes to overall airflow. The Antec 200/300/600 would have been a better buy since all 3 cases use dual 120mm front intakes.

    it would also help if you use MSI's Afterburner to create a fan curve, this should help with your LOAD temps.
  5. It has one font intake, however I figured using 2 side intakes would circumvent (tehe) the airflow problem..

    I shall try out the afterburner software and post my results

  6. Just in case you get lost :

    1. Open AB and click on "settings", then click on the second tab and "enable" the automatic fan feature (fan curve) :

  7. I can certainly report improvements; GTA IV stabilised around 101 but did creep up further after 20mins.

    Hopefully, my fans + CPU cooler and thermal grease should turn up tomorrow, I will apply the grease to the GPU's aswell (so long as this doesn't invalidate the warranty?)

    Will let you know :)

    thanks again
  8. 101 is too hot, you should get that high only if running an extreme-burn-in test. In games it shouldn't go over 95c.

    as long as you are careful when applying the thermal paste you will be fine and it does not void the warranty unless specified by the vendor (not sure what brand you have).
  9. Ok, so I've now installed a lot of new fans and I'm still overheating :*(

    I'm at a loss as to what to do, a lot of people say I need a bigger case, however the $2000 build was in a similar case size and was fine..

    I'm certain a good aftermarket cooler for the top GPU would probably get me out of the muck however its going to be tricky to fit in and I don't wanna try and fail..

    So what advice would you guys give? Go the aftermarket route or maybe think about returning the cards and getting one with better stock cooling?

    thanks in advance

  10. Try this:

    Get a box fan, pull the side the case, and turn the fan on full your benches and see what your temps are. If the temps stay the same, you need new coolers. If the temps drop, you have an airflow/case problem.
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