Need Help 9600gt WONT BOOT!!!!

WHats up guys i recently bought a 9600GT to upgrade my HP A6123W computer. i also bought a new power supply. a 485watt one. so i get everything installed but my computer wont display through the graphics card. i have turn the bios to make the PCI-E its main video adapter and everything ive updated the drivers to my motherboard installed the new drivers for the new graphics card EVERYTHING. anyone have any ideas??!!
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  1. umm... are you using a dvi cable? have you tried just using the regular vga cable first? Sometimes comps/displays won't display through dvi at first, you have to force it after you can access your driver managing software. Also, dont plug in dvi AND vga at the same time. It could also a motherboard or videocard issue. Keep us updated!

    Goood Luck.
  2. Well my Monitor (a 15" LCD yeah i know eww) uses a VGA cable so i am using a dongle to switch it. but like the system is booting through the integrated graphics not the video card
  3. Well lets see. Do you have more than one pci-e slot? Try reseating the graphics card first, and if that doesn't work try the other pci-e slot. Also, once you've made sure its seated correctly, check your hardware under the device manager and make sure your graphics card is showing up without any problems. Have u been able to test the card in another computer? Don't give up.

    nothin wrong with a 15inch.. gotta make the best of what you have right? haha.

    good luck!
  4. nah no other computers here and only one PCI-E slot. it isnt showing up under the device manager at all
  5. The video card needs an extra cable to run it. Did you put a 6-pin cable in it?
  6. a 6pin power connector yes
  7. Well now it just comes down to ur mobo or video card... Check and see if there's a bios update for your mobo, if not, you're going to have to find someplace else to test the graphics card, it might be dead. If it works on another comp, you can assume that it's a mobo problem.
  8. im pretty sure he has it hooked up correctly, the issue seems to be that his mobo doesn't detect the video hardware :/ So I figured he should check for a bios update or test the gpu in another computer if possible... Any thoughts??
  9. I just upgraded to the 9600GT DP from Zotac and had to upgrade the PSU as well. I am using the 650W PSU without any issues. You may want to check your PSU and video card specs to make sure the PSU can supply the required current to power the card.
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