New media PC died after an hour

Hi People,

Let me tell you about my latest build and the problems I have with it. Although I have come to a conclusion about what is wrong, I would like to hear what you make of it.

After my recent build (a quad-core, state-of-the-art Linux workhorse), I decided to recycle some old working components into a media PC for the living room. I already had an Intel dual core processor, two Corsair 1GB DDR2 memory capsules and several SATA hard drives. I bought an MSI P7NGM Digial motherboard, an Antec Fusion chassis, an LG blue-ray player, and an Antec NEO HE 430 PSU.

So I put everything together and turned it on. It started immediately. Usually, there is always something I tend to forget, resulting in several hours of trouble-shooting before I find out that I've overlooked something rather trivial. This time, however, I had no such problems. But then I tried to install an OS on it...

I wanted Windows on this box so that I could play my favorite computer games again. The installation program puttered on for a good while, but before completion, the PC just died. Abruptly and without even a squeak. I tried to boot it up again, but to no avail.

I disconnected everything except the power cables to the motherboard, CPU and the fans. When I pressed the power-on button, it glowed blue as it should, but only for a fraction of a second. Nothing else happened, not a even a twitch from the fans.

Okay, maybe the PSU is bad, I thought, so I plugged in another I which I know is working. Same effect.

Removed the memory capsules. Nada.

I replaced the CPU with one from another (working) machine. Still nothing.

Even without its cooler, the CPU would not even get lukewarm when I pressed the power-on button.

Then I yanked out the power cord for the CPU. Lo and behold - the fans started spinning. I re-plugged the blue-ray player, the HDD and the memory. They also now started when powered on. But when I restored power to the CPU, I got the same big nothing again.

My conclusion here is that I got a defect motherboard. What are your reactions?
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  1. That's probably right. You tested any other possibility.

    As long as the motherboard standoffs are right, and there is nothing else that could cause a short, then the MB is bad.
  2. When I first built my computer it would not turn on because the MOBO was shorting with the case.

    Take the MOBO completely out of the case and put it on a box or something. Connect the PSU and see if it boots. If so, then you need standoffs for the MOBO to stop it from shorting.
  3. Good idea, sad panda!

    I'll see what the motherboard does when not attached to the case before I return the board.
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