Looking into buying a ssd,

I dont want to spend too much, i want to run windows on the ssd. games can run off my TB hard drive. what do i need to look at ? i want to spend around 100-150 CAD.
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  1. OCZ Vertex 2 60GB or OCZ Agility 2 60GB.

    Sorry, didn't find much in your price range.

    The Intel X25-V 40GB might be too small, but it $129.99 @ MicroCenter.com (I know you're in Canada, eh.)
  2. The new Crucial C300 64GB SSDs are pretty amazing both performance and price wise. It states SATA III, but they work perfectly fine on SATA II.

    Here's a lil benchmark of mine that was on SATA II a while back. It's the 128GB version, but the only difference should be the write speeds.
  3. i seconded the vertex 2 or agility 2
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