Radiator opinions for i7 water cooling project

I have an i7 920 d0 that I'm beginning to liquid cool. I picked up a Thermaltake p500 pump and res (not my first choice for pumps but the price was right). My plan is to use a heatkiller 3.0 over the Apogee XT because it is a higher flow block and will probably increase the life of the p500.

Now I'm trying to decide on a radiator. At the moment I only plan on cooling the CPU mostly because of cost issues. Will a Single 120mm rad be sufficient for my application or should I go for a Dual?

I have a NXZT Tempest case that says a dual rad will mount in the top exhaust fans but it sure looks like that would be a tight squeeze, if any one has any experience with this case I would like to hear it. Otherwise I have no problems mounting it on the back side of the case.

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  1. You'll need at least a 220 rad for that (2x120) CPU. If you ever decide to OC or add anything else to the loop, you'll need more.
  2. okay thanks, that's what I would have assumed.

    any comments on the case?
  3. I haven't personally worked with that case, but typically, if the fan mounts for the 120mm fans are right next to each other, they should work as radiator fan mounting is typically the same spacing. I guess once you get your rad, you can line up the mounting holes. I originally had mine on the back of my Gigabyte Aurora v.1 case, but I went a much different route when I installed dual MCR320 rads on the side with my dual home made reservoirs. Its up to you how much you want to change for the mounting.
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