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Sata drivers for windows xp

where can i find sata controller drivers for windows xp my chipset is intel gm 45 expess
seagate hd and system is compaq cq 40 145 tu
i want to install xp on my system but in wont do . i hav searched so much all over the internet the only way feasible i could find is by making a installation disk consisting of drivers by use of "nlite". another method suggested at various forums is disabling sata in bios but there is no option like this in bios . so i m left only with one choice of making a disk with drivers
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  1. nlite will work with making a slipstreamed SP3 disk, best way probably. Or you can just use the restore disks for the system, if you don't have them, contact Compaq. Will probably cost $20 or 30 to get them that way.
  2. nlite requires drivers in "inf" format . where do we get that .on intel and compaq site drivers are available in exe files . So the best way i thought was to install win 7 and use xp through vmware but still i wud like to know how to get drivers in inf format
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    The drivers are never in .exe format, that is only the installer for them. It's like saying Twinkies are all plastic flavored.

    You need to expand the setup files, and you will get .inf, .sys, other files for the drivers.
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  5. the best way i think is to install win 7 and then use xp through vmware .this works fine for me cause i hav a limited use for xp
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