Hd 3850 (psu connection)

hey guys im planning on getting the hd 3850 AGP but my current PSU doesnt power it.. so im getting a new PSU as well. the card specifies that it needs a 8 pin power connector. does that mean it needs 2x4 molex? if im wrong then please correct me cuz all the PSUs i have been looking at only have a pcie 1x6. im a very confused noob so pleas HELP!

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  1. Which card did you decide on can you link me to it ?
    No they dont mean 2x Molex, its a specific connector, you want one of these
  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102730

    here it is. its between this one or the Powercoler. im still waiting for a open box unit, cuz they are SO much cheaper!

    here is the PSU i was going to go with


    will it have enough power? and will it blow up my system? the reviews were pretty good so i thought why not... its cheap!

    lol thanks for the quick reply
  3. dude, on neweggs website, on the pictures of the card the very last picture will show you what type of connector u need to power the card, in this case the connector is a dual 4 pin molex cable with a pci-e header on it for the card.....
  4. uh..... ok a dual 4 pin u say? does it come with the unit? or do i have to purchase it? like an adapter
  5. u have 2 choices.....use the dual 4 pin molex to pci-e or just use a pci-e plug from the power supply.....pci-e plugs are 6 pin and i doubt that AGP cards will require any more power then the pci-e version

    according to newegg.....retail means everything comes in the box.....oem/open box only the card
  6. oh are you serious?? no cables or anything?!

    and i just found out the powercolor hd 3850 has a 6 pin so i guess if i go with that il be set.

    if i get a new PSU that has all the cables and everything then i wont need the boxed cables in the retail unit, right?
  7. i have a force3d 3850 and i use the 6 pin pci-e from my power supply. sometimes newegg sells just the card for a bit cheaper.....got mine on ebay for 60
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