How to install a ssd?

I want it to be my Boot-Drive, and use my other f3 spinpoint for storage, how can i change the ssd to the boot drive?
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  1. Reinstall the OS (and your apps) using the SSD (only), then reconnect your f3 to become the "D" drive deleting what you no longer need, or

    Use a program like Acronis Home to clone your f3 to your SSD (if it fits), then install the SSD as the only drive and reboot. Then install your f3 to become the "D" drive and delete what you no longer need.

    There are other ways to do this, but since you needed to ask the question these are the most likely approaches to ensure success.
  2. Go into your BIOS, and set the SSD as first boot.

    And plug the SATA cables in accordingly: SATA-1st Port, HDD-2nd port.

    If you have an OS on the HDD, then install the OS to the SSD without the HDD plugged in. After OS install, plug in the HDD. You can format the HDD if you have nothing on it you want/need. Else delete all the Windows folders. Format will be easier!
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