New Computer Build Harddrive won't Format

I am trying to get my brand new computer up and running and i am at the point where i believe everything is plugged in properly and i'm trying to install the OS. I am installing XP right now but plan on upgrading to windows 7 soon. The XP cd asks me to choose a partition to install xp on and then asks to either do a quick format or normal. I chose normal and an hours later it gets to 100% and tells me it didn't work. It says unable to format partition. Disk drive may be damaged, choose a different partition...

890FX mobo
4GB 1600 ripjaw RAM
5770 Radeon
AMD x6 1055t
640 GB 7200RPM 32MB Cache Western Digital Hard Drive.

Please Help,
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    If you're using an original XP CD and not one that includes SP1 or later, then XP won't be able to access logical blocks on the drive beyond 137GB. That could be the problem. If that's the case, try creating a single smaller partition (say, 100GB) to install the OS on and see if that works.
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  3. I actually did do that and that was in fact the problem. I deleted the partition that was there already and created a new one which worked. Thanks for reply. Unfortunately i'll probably be starting a new thread with a new problem haha. I'm going to try a few things before i post though.
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