I really need help, BSOD and freezing, desperate.

Below is a post i made a few days ago, i had a few responses saying run memtest and update drivers ect.

Since then i have run mem test with no errors and updated every single one of my drivers.


I have also started getting some new errors...


and also one i have never ever seen before, windows boots onto my desktop which is a black screen and says "An unauthorized change was made to windows" and then i cant do anything.

This happends in no particular pattern at all as stated below, but more often that not it crashes the instant i load up Utorrent, but then again sometimes runs over night no problem.

I really need help, this is pissing me off beyond belief

Ok this is seriously urgent, for the past few months i get about 25 blue screens a day, seriously...

Some of the blue screens include the errors...

IRQL not less or equal
page fault in non paged area
bad pool caller

The most common one i get is the paged fault one, i also get one which has no error what so ever.

These blue screens happen extremely randomly, sometimes 5 mins after i boot up, sometimes when im playing games, sometimes when its left on doing nothing. There is no pattern what so ever.

My computer had no viruses, its not over heating, not overclocked, i have scanned it with loads of registry cleaners ect. NOTHING.

All my drivers are updated.

I think of myself as quite computer literate but because there is no pattern what so ever i cant figure this out.

8800gt SLI
4gb ram 800mhz

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  1. This MIGHT work... reset your bios settings to factory settings... I remember I had accadentally overclocked my ram
    (I put it on auto... ) wayyy over and caused bsod's randomly.

    Also, it might be because of faulty/failing hardware components, and/or faulty drivers and software. Try running diskcheck. If nothing works, and all possibilities have been tried (or you give up...), you can always try booting into a "dvd" linux os and seeing if your computer fails when in linux... it's also possible it is your operating system.
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