Windows goes blank after splash screen.


After windows loads (right after the loading bar) the screen just goes blank and says no siginal (before the login screen).

This is on a new motherboard.

The system works pefectly fine with an analogue or my other Digital monitor, but this monitor doesnt want to boot.

I have tried putting it into VGA and Safemode and installing the latest drivers, and installing the drivers that I still have from 2 years ago and I know that work.

I have tried uninstalling the drivers, and then windows boots fine. It runs in the default 800x600 resolution and I cant change anything, and no drivers are installed. If I try to install any drivers I get a blank screen after they are finished installing.

The monitor was working perfectly fine 5 days ago with my other motherboard (faulty motherboard, got a new one) but it doesnt work on any other computers.

The graphics card is a Nvidia 8800 GTS 320mb and the Monitor is a 720p LCD monitor.

Thanks. I really would like some help as this must be the 4th problem I have run into while trying to fix my computer >.> .

(I am running Windows XP, and this is after I have taken it to a shop. They said they had to re-install windows).
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  1. I have the same problem as you do, only in windows 7. When I boot into XP all is fine. The only way I got a digital connection to work was to hook directly to a monitor with just dvi to dvi. For some reason the dvi-hdmi connection I am using will not work while in 7. What cable(s) are you using when you lose signal?
  2. I think its a DVI to DVI? Im not sure about the cables, its the white one with the long thin connector instead of the blue fat one :)

    I used the exact cables with each LCD monitor I tried. WOrked on one of them, not the other (mine).
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