Thermal Paste? Cooler?

I usualy leave my computer on and when I returned home about a week ago it was off. I didnt remember shutting it down so I was confused. I tried to start it up and after hitting the power button it turnes on for about 3 seconds and then shuts right down again. I have tried this repeatedly and its the same! Turns on for about 3 seconds and then shuts right off.

I was on the phone with EVGA and Corsair. I stripped the computer down CPU and all and powered it up and it stayed on. Then I removed the old thermal paste with a Q tip and rubbing alcohol from the cooler master V8 and the CPU. Luckily the cooler master came with a trial pack of thermal paste so I put that on and powered it up and it stayed on again. So then I said *** it, I put everything back together and powered it up and here we are, up and running!

The guy I talked to at EVGA said it sounded like either a PSU issue or the CPU was getting to hot and shutting down. After I was on the phone with Corsair and realized my PSU was good I went ahead and re did the thermal paste. I guess that was the problem.

Now its shuttin down on me again! This is getting frustrating as hell! Re did the thermal paste twice now with the new stuff. Artic silver 5 and its shuttin down on me. I applied a thin layer the first time and it only stayed on for about 3 seconds. Second time I applied a little more and it stayed on for about 10 minutes. Do ya think the Cooler might be bad?

I'm thinking its a heat related issue cause it just ran for a half hour without a problem! I shut it down because ill be out for the night. Weird though because my temps read fine according to Real Temp. This is a mystery to me but I'm determined to get to the bottom of it!

I swear this thing has a mind of its own. I've been home for about 4 hours now with the computer running the hole time and no problems. I even played Crysis for a couple hours to put the CPU under load and no shut down issues! Friggin weird... I looked up this if it shuts down on me again ( Probably will ) I'll try to follow these directions to the T.

I read that the thermal compound has a break in period and the artic silver can take 200 hours. The thermal compound is supposed to fill in microscopic holes and such. Hopefully this issue doesn't persist but this is tough stuff trying to narrow down the root of the problem. I'm not 100% sure if the thermal paste and heat is even the issue.
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  1. You did what I would have done...V8 fan OK? Did you use air to blow-out dust, etc. ,between the V8 fins?
  2. Well... I have had new developments today! My PC seemed to be running good all day and then BAM! it shut down on me again. Only this time when I powered it back on it stayed on but no keyboard, picture or BIOS! The mobo wasn't running through it's codes on the little post code LED screen on the mobo and it was just staying on FF. Which ment finally I was getting to the root of the problem. ( THE MOBO )

    I called EVGA and have shipped the mobo back with a RMA. It's out of warranty but they said they would do a one time return. Now for the waiting game of getting my new or should I say refurbished mobo. I'm just glad that I'm now pretty certain that the mobo was the problem and am getting it straighten out. My mobo is a
  3. Same thing happened to me a while back with a gigabyte. I left it running, came home that night and it was off. Wouldnt turn back on... similar issue - first time I hit the button it went to boot and started to post, then shutdown. After that the button did absolutely nothing. After swapping out some parts, I RMA'd the mobo... new one came and works fine.
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