Need help, maybe dead motherboard

Got my asus p6t deluxe v2, i7 920, 6 gigs ddr3, and more parts from newegg today, put it all together, and it wont power on, it turns on, all fans spin, for about half a second, and then it shuts down completely. I called asus, they said to test the ground, so i took the motherboard out, and put it on a phonebook, then tried, same thing, so then i tried pulling the cpu out, same thing.

I just got these parts, and i was so stoked to build it, and start benching games. So as you can assume im pretty upset, and i hope newegg reimburses me or something.

Anyone got the same problem?

by the way, whats neweggs policy on dead motherboard, i dont wanna wait 2 weeks for a new one.
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  1. Your problem is probably either the power supply or memory. I would try a different power supply if you have a spare.
  2. Its very difficult to pin point the problem without test equipment, you can get a cheap PSU testing board from ebay.

    As for the ram i think you might get lock up if that was the problem, you could try just using 1 stick and booting from that; you could do some research on your ram to see if its compatible with that board.

    Also check your 8 pin connector at the top of the board is pushed all the way home and the same for the 24 pin sometimes on new boards they are tight and dont connect properly causing same probz you are having. Also it could be the kettle lead to the back of your PSU try a different one.

    You need to double and triple check everything before you RMA your board or you will be charged for shipping if theres nowt wrong with it.
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