How to hide or show icons on desktop xp

my desktop is empty of icons i
tried right clicking on desktop
but nothing appears......
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  1. right click > arrange by > show desktop icons

    if that doesn't do anything you icons have been deleted, check recycle bin

    start > my computer > click folders button at the top of the window, look for recycle bin on the left hand side

    if you can find your icons there, select them and click restore, if not, then they have been deleted permanently

    try system restore: start > all programs > accessories > system tools > system restore

    if there's a date available a week ago, try restoring to that point

    if that doesn't help you will need to recreate all your icons manually
  2. also consider these

    Free anti-virus: avast, AVG
    Free anti-spyware/anti-malware: malwarebytes, spybot search & destroy
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