CPU Voltage and Heat.

I just got a new computer, did some looking around at temps and everything for gaming and now im getting paranoid over my cpu.
temp in bios is
cpu: goes from 38-42
system: goes from 51-53

also ran a program called CPU-Z and it showed my voltage settings

it...just dont seem right. why is my voltage at 1.8? almost 1.9

did a google search and found this. same guy with my processor is running lower voltage.
blackpanther @ http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/246181-29-phenom-9600-6ghz#t1747319
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  1. I wouldn't worry about your CPU temps. Regarding your voltage, I wouldn't know what would be "ideal" for you, especially since you may be OCing. Maybe someone else here can give more details on that?
  2. Regardless, 1.8 is a bit on the high side (ok, way on the high side). What motherboard do you have?
  3. Any updates darkwarlord?
  4. Those temps aren't quite in the panic zone.. but that voltage is!!!
  5. Yeah...that voltage is dangerous. You shouldn't be running Phenoms higher than 1.45V
  6. Sorry for the noobish question, but regarding that voltage rating, how do you know what's the max safe/allowable? Do CPUs have a spec that uh... specifies that?
  7. It tends to be related to the process. Intel's 65nm process is good for around 1.6V or so, Intel's 45nm is around 1.4V max, AMD's 45nm is around 1.45V-1.5V max IIRC, and I have no idea what the max for AMD 65nm is.
  8. For some reason it's hard to find that info on 65nm AMDs. Or at least the Phenom II 940. Recently talked to someone here, info might be useful. Guy was OCing a Phenom II 940:
    Well 1.325 is the area where AOD starts to turn red. As far as experimentation. I have change bios settings honestly about 115 times. lol. Its still running good. I was just looking for safe 24/7 final voltages.
  9. The 940 is a 45nm anyways. The ones to be looking at (as far as 65nm are concerned) are Athlons and Phenom I.
  10. The 940 is warrented to 1.45
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