T2300 upgrade to t7400 on xps m1210

Hello all,

After carefully researching I found that I could upgrade my dell xps m1210 from it's original t2300 to the Core 2 Duo t7400. Luckly, the TDP difference is just from 31 to 34w.
I did the change, and the notebook started to run really, really HOT! After +-two hours system freezed and I was unable to even start the notebook. Leds were on, but not a single noise (fan spinning) or etc.
I removed the t7400 (at the time I took it off, the die was not hot) and replaced it back to the t2300. I'm writing this post on it now.
My questions are:
1) Should a heatsink designed to hold a 31w TDP handle the other processor with 34wTDP?
2) The t7400 processor is ruined forever or it should be working now that it is cold again? Does it have one of those thermal protections schemes on die?
3) I'm pretty sure my installation was correct (I always use Arctic Silver 5), so, Is there anything else I could try? It could be a damaged processor with a higher TDP?

Best Regards,
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  1. Not a single help? No one is an expert on "on die thermal protection"?
  2. I thought thermal design power of T2300 was 35W. I could be wrong...

    Last year when I had my Dell Vostro 1700, it came with T5200 or 5500(I don't remember) 34W tdp processor and I upgraded to T7700(35W). All I did was removed the T5200 and replace with T7700. Worked without any problem.

    Maybe try to update to bios.
  3. I found this upgrade with photos: http://www.notebookforums.com/thread168435.html

    I would update the bios. The old bios might not compensate for the additional heat and watts. Good luck.
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