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Hi all, I just got my hand on a new 1055t processor for a few days and I'm currently running my processor at 3.6Ghz on stock heatsink, 1.35 vcore and temps really got me confused although I've run prime95 for about 6.5 hours with no problem so far .

FSB/Multiplier: x14
CPU Speed: 3612Mhz
NB Speed: x8 2064MHz
CPU Voltage: 1.35v
CPU-NB Voltage: 1.175v
RAM Speed: DDR3 1376MHz, 7-7-7-20, 1.65v
Motherboard: Asrock 880GMH/USB3

Please look at the picture below.

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I don't know why my CPU temp is actually higher than the core temps.
Besides, I figured from the picture that my core temps in speedfan matched those in HWmonitor while CPU temp matched CPUTIN (the ones that I marked with red and blue circles).
And more importantly, which temp (cpu temp or core temps) is the one that we usually refer to something like "below 60C and you're fine"?

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Do you guys think I should be ok with this setup or I should underclock to reduce the low temps?
And with my Cooler Master GeminII S coming next week, would I be able to reach 3.8Ghz stable?

All suggestions are much appreciated.:)
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    Ooo, nice temps on stock heatsink. I wouldn't worry too much about having a higher CPU case than core temp, what's important is core temp and it's below 55°C so you're all good. However, you might want to use another program just to be sure those temperatures are accurate and it's not overheating.

    Depending on how much better the CM Gemini II S is, you may or may not be able to reach 3.8 GHz stable although you should.
  2. I'll try everest and coretemp and post the results as soon as I get back home.

    I first used realtemp but it couldn't recognize phenom II 1055t, WTH.
  3. I got some people from tell me that my temps are a bit high, so I decided to dropped my CPU to 3.4Ghz, stock voltage.

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    Do you think my temps should be ok now? Since I mostly just play games, I don't think the processor will be pushed as hard as Prime95 does.

    My Cooler Master GeminII S is coming next week, hopefully I may be able to push it to 3.8Ghz then.:D
    Anyway, thanks for your help. I'm very much appreciated.
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  5. Yeah, Realtemp only works with Intel CPUs.

    Temperatures look good now. SpeedFan is a bit off sometimes with temps.

    You're welcome, and Prime 95 is definitely a program also used to test the worse case scenario CPU heat situations.
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