I just built myself an HTPC, and finally have most of the kinks worked out so can start enjoying it...

Unfortunately the onboard 8300 can't keep up with games like Mass Effect which would look beautiful on this 42" screen ;) so my question is... Can I SLI a 9800 for example, with the 8300 iGPU, and retain my HDMI?

This will be my first time working with SLI, so the whole situation is new to me. I don't even know what cards will work best with the 8300, but either way I need to retain my HDMI so I assume I'll need to go through the onboard output.

The other option is I could get a video card with HDMI already on it and then leave the iGPU off altogether, but wouldn't I then lose my audio output??

Thx in advance for any help ^^
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  1. You can only SLI the same type of card, and only on a SLI mobo.

    You best bet is to simply get a more powerful card, then get a DVI->HDMI converter, as they are technically the same exact output, just diffrent plugs. (Note, if the HDMI is also used for sound output, you need a diffrent solution...)
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