Sticker on my motherboard-Do I take this one off?

Hi, I have a P5Q-E motherboard and toke off the stickers covering the ram slots and CPU socket. I ve had my PC for about 2 weeks now and found a white sticker that shows the barcode and says it was made in china all with black print on a white background. Its next to the ram inbetween the ram and the cpu near the top side.

Do i take it off? I have never really noticed it till now for some reason. Would the sticker of caused any damaged to the board as it is covering some of the i think made out of copper, those lines. Going to the RAM.

Mobos been at 32C-33C so i guess thats normal. How ever would have the sticky sticker done any harm when the board heats up? Ive seen pitcures of people paint there motherboards so i would imagine that the thickness of the paint and the ammount would cause far greater damage if not any to the board, comparing it to a little sticker.

Plus is there a protective layer of stuff over the copper links in the board?
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  1. The paper sticker on the board is not hurting anything, but could get scorched by heat and should be removed.

    The plastic covers on the heatsinks should be removed before they melt.
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