How do I configure two computers to apear on LAN using internet?

Hi, I am trying to play game named "Blobby Volley" with my friends over the internet. The game has option for network play but as the topic title suggests we are not on lan. This netowork play can be set either to set as server or connect to a local server. So I was wondering if it is possible somehow that we can configure the computers to appear on LAN so that the game can detect a LAN server and join it?

Is this possible?

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  1. You could try a vpn connection with your friends network. If the game is not internet ready than it wont work going over the internet the standard way.

    You also might try setting your computer as the server and forwarding the port the game uses to your computer. Your friends would then put your ISP given IP in as the server IP address.
  2. I found the perfect solution, Hamachi.

    Thanks for the reply.
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