What is the best way to optimize ram timings?

I really have 3 questions:
Question 1 - I have 2 memory modules, one is DDR2-800 the other is DDR2-667, My FSB:DRAM ratio is 1:1 and the modules are running at 250mhz. I am about to change timings and my first question is, which module should i have in which DIMM slot? does it matter since both are running at 250mhz(well below stock speed)

Question 2 - If I adjust timings, will it change them for both modules?(I don't see timings for multiple DIMM's in the BIOS so I assume it will change them for both

Question 3: I heard the best way to optimize timings is to change each number one at a time and run benchmark/stability tests. This makes sense, but does it matter which timing's I change in what order? Or can i just start with CAS and go down the list in order?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- The RAM modules are different speed, in that case all the RAM only can run to the lowest speed (667MHz) and don't care the slot where u install the RAM module.
    2- Yeah, the mobo only can handle one timing specifications for the RAM.
    3- U need change this specs: CL, tRCD, tRP and tRAS. Set the rest in auto and the voltage to 1.8V.
  2. Ok so my RAM timings are now 3-3-3-1-2T stable with memtest, is this good? also you said to increase voltage to 1.8v, I thought that increasing the voltage would only help me get higher clock frequency out of my RAM which I don't need since it's only at 250mhz or am I wrong and it helps timings too?
  3. That are good specs. I say 1.8V because is the most used voltage for DDR2 and with that u are sure that the RAM is stable.

    The voltage is useful if u want higher clock frequency in the RAM but if the RAM is running fine now don't change the voltage.
  4. Ahh I see what you mean with the voltage, mine was running stock at 1.8v, I just assumed you were telling me to up it.

    I had one last question, does changing one RAM timing affect the other timings? Like would increasing one timing allow me to lower another? and are some timings more important than others?
  5. No, the timings are independent one of the other that's why u need change all those.
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