When i install second hard drive in ide windows startup hangs

i have a 40gb maxtor hdd as my primary hdd with win 7 ultimate installed on it without the secondary 80gig seagate it boots up fine but when i install it nothing the hdd shows up perfectly in the bios what could be the problem ?? thx for any answers in advance,, :)
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  1. If these are both IDE units, make very sure the jumpers and cables are done right. Since you have the OS installed and working on the 40 GB Maxtor, here is how. I will assume for now that you will connect BOTH of these drives to ONE IDE cable and port. (Alternative at the end.)

    1. The 80-conductor ribbon cable for data has three connectors on it. The BLUE one at one end goes into the mobo IDE port.
    2. The Maxtor 40 GB unit should have its jumpers set to Master (or Master with Slave Present, if that's the option). Plug into it the BLACK connector at the END of the cable.
    3. The jumpers on the 80 GB Seagate MUST be set to Slave; plug into it the gray middle connector.
    4. Make sure both have power connections.
    5. Boot up and go immediately into BIOS Setup. Verify they are detected with correct size on the main screen.
    6. Find the area where you specify the Boot Priority Sequence. You may want to have your optical drive as the first device, and the HDD second. Ensure that the hard drive you specify is the 40 GB Maxtor.
    7. On some machines, you specify the Boot sequence as optical, then hard, then ... and SEPARATELY there is a place where you further specify that the priority sequence among the various hard drives is: (in your case, make it Maxtor before Seagate, or even do NOT allow it to include the Seagate as an option).

    Now, IF your connection system is different, that could change things a little. For example, you might have your 40 GB Maxtor as the Primary Master sharing the cable / port with an optical drive (its jumpers set to be the Slave). Then the Seagate is connected on a different cable to the Secondary IDE port. In that case, make sure this is the setup:
    Maxtor as Master on the Primary IDE port, on the END connector; optical as the Slave and the middle connector. (In mixed device systems, it is better to have the HDD as Master and optical as Slave.)
    Seagate on a different cable to Secondary IDE port with jumper set to Master - ANY IDE port MUST have its Master - and connected to the END of its cable.
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