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My cpu usage is always high now. It spikes extremely easily. Even if i hold my mouse button and move it around it very fast it can spike up to 60%. Even opening task manager goes to 40%. I'm running a E5200. I'm guessing its because I've recently updated my BIOS through windows and something went wrong.I'm not 100%. I dont think it is hardware or software, because I haven't changed much. And I have 2 separate windows and both are affected. I've already tried flashing the bios to another version and resetted the CMOS. What can I do? Am I screwed? Can a messed up bios even affect the cpu? Everything else seems fine otherwise.
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  1. Is it Vista?
  2. Open the task manager, then the performance monitor.
    Loook to see what task is using the cpu the most.
  3. I agree with "geofelt",

    I just can't see how the BIOS being flashed could have anything to do with your CPU spiking. Your CPU being used is purely because software has requested it.

    Maybe both Windows are being affected, but that's typically because someone installed new antivirus on both.

    The mouse causing a spike sounds odd but I can't comment without more info.

    Task Manager:

    You can monitor "processes" and "performance"
  4. I didn't think it was bios either but can't see what else changed.
    I'm using windows 7 RC 1 and been my primary for two months and windows XP is also installed. Task manager doesn't help much. It's high for whatever I am doing at the moment. If I'm holding the left button on the mouse and dragging it around fast, iexplore spikes to about 30-40% usage. When I open chrome it goes to 30-50%. I can't multi-task very well anymore. Booting is still fast, even when loading windows.
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