Nvidia GeForce 182.06: Performance Express Test

There u go :)


A nice boost in almost all games (some few exceptions though).
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  1. nice post, very interesting read Thank You:)

    It would've been nice to see quad sli scaling with the new drivers, but seeing as they are taking the same approach as GX2, I would wait maybe a month or 2 before jumping into 2 295 GTXs. The gains are impressive though. For both the 285 GTX and 295 GTX. And its exactly as I predicted, the 295 GTX should see alot more gains than the 285 since its dual GPU card:)

    lets hope they keep these drivers coming!
  2. thanks :)
    Yeah,i am very happy that drivers are getting better and better for SLI.i hope the next ATI driver gives a good boost too :)
  3. still no SLI for GTA4, ill REALLY buy a GTX285 ... and SLI it later on te road
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